***ALL ABOUT MARDI GRAS (this website) IS FOR SALE***


Have you ever wanted to be a travel writer?


Claim Mardi Gras as a business expense?

After five years living in Ireland I have to admit that I simply moved too far away to do justice to this subject anymore, so I’m putting “All About Mardi Gras”, the only website to cover Mardi Gras in eight U.S. cities (Galveston, Houma, Lake Charles, Mobile, New Orleans, Pensacola, St. Louis, and San Diego) up for sale.

I started this as a labor of love, so I’m hoping to find someone who has a genuine passion for the community and creative sides of Mardi Gras (not just the party), but having designed and edited the site I mainly just want to see it continue to grow into the future. And that’s something I can’t do from here.

Right now the site has around 80 pages of original content and hundreds of photos.

Along with the purchase you’ll get the domain names (.com and .net), the Google analytics and ad sales account, ownership of all content and web design, and I’ll pass on the list of Facebook friends of the site (Facebook may not let me transfer the actual FB page), and my notes and early drafts of an e-book about family-friendly Mardi Gras travel.

If you are interested in travel writing about food and culture, becoming your own editor/publisher, or are looking for a new creative project, email me and I’ll give you more details.

And, please, feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

Glenn Kaufmann
Editor & Publisher of All About Mardi Gras
Email: mail@allaboutmardigras.com