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New Orleans, LA - bits & bobs

  • The legend at Pat O'Brien's (maker of New Orleans' most famous cocktail) tells it like this....

    Their lively red concotion was created during World War II, when whisky was in short supply.

    Because rum was easy to get, bar owners were forced to buy up to 50 cases at a time. Thus, the Hurricane was born out of a desire to use up excess rum.

    The drink was served in a glass that resembled a hurricane lantern, and was dubbed "The Hurricane".


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Mardi Gras 2019 is Tuesday, March 5th

New Orleans Nightlife

As with all big cities, and particularly a city with New Orleans’ reputation, the nightlife offerings are legion.  There’s no way to really do it justice here.  So, these are just a few ideas to get you started. No recommendations good or bad.


Bombay Club
An upscale restaurant and martini lounge.
830 Conti St.; 504- 586-0972, 800- 699-7711

Carousel Bar
A piano bar in the Hotel Monteleone, offering Jazz & Blues favorites Wednesday thru Saturday nights.
214 Royal St; 504-523-3341

Funky Pirate
A legendary Blues bar frequented by Big Al Carson.
727 Bourbon St.; 504-523-1960, 800-475-3649

Pat O’Brien’s
A French Quarter staple, and tourist favorite, this is the home of the world famous Hurricane, a sizable rum cocktail mixed with Pat O’Brien’s signature Hurricane mix. For Mardi Gras partiers, this is ground zero. Call for hours.
718 St. Peter St. 504-525-4823


New Orleans | Daytime Activities | Dining | Parades, Krewes, Events & Calendar

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