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  • The Gaslamp Quarter, which hosts San Diego's Mardi Gras celebration each year, has over 90 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings. These structures span a broad range of architectural styles, including Victorian commercial, Spanish Renaissance revival, Baroque, Oriental, and others.


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Mardi Gras 2019 is Tuesday, March 5th

Dining Around San Diego

Because San Diego is such a sprawling metropolis, it doesn’t really make sense to highlight specific restaurants (there are thousands), so we’ve chosen to discuss the various parts of town and what they offer in terms of style, price, and general vibe.

Downtown San Diego Dining
As with most downtown areas, San Diego’s downtown is a mixed bag of quick eateries catering to the grab a bite and head back to the office crowd, and sit down spots for business lunches.

Dining Around the Gaslamp Quarter (Mardi Gras District)
As San Diego’s premier nightlife spot, the Gaslamp Quarter offers an exlextic mix of dining options that tend toward indiviual local restaurants rather than chains, and faster fare. There’s a nice mix of Asian, Californian, Persian, Irish, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, and others.

La Jolla’s Upscale Eats
As one of San Diego’s more affluent enclaves, La Jolla is the place to go for upscale shopping and similarly priced dining options.  The restaurants here are almost all stand-alone local affairs (few if any chains). Because La Jolla is located atop a dramatic cliff overlooking the sea, the views are spectacular, and the area is worth a visit just to take in the panorama.  For visitors who find a restaurant with a view that speaks to them, it’s like hitting the dining trifecta, with great food, ambiance, and an unparalleled view.

San Diego Feature Stories

Mardi Gras in the Gaslamp - A Brief History of San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter

San Diego
| Daytime Activities | Nightlife | Parades, Krewes, Events & Calendar


I have visited San Diego, but not for Mardi Gras. As a result some of this information has been taken from the Gaslamp Quarter Association, the San Diego Convention & Visitors Burreau, and other sources.