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Lake charles, la - bits & bobs

  • Lake Charles is well known for the sheer number and variety of costumes on display during its Mardi Gras celebrations.

  • Lake Charles is a key stop on the Boudin Trail, a group of restaurants, stores, and markets in southwest Louisiana that specialize in the preparation of Boudin sausage, a Cajun specialty made from pork, shrimp or crawfish, rice, and a secret blend of herbs and spices.


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Mardi Gras 2019 is Tuesday, March 5th

Mardi Gras On the Boudin Trail

Carnival in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana (SWLA)

Mardi Gras Costume in Lake Charles, Louisiana
Chesire Cat Mardi Gras Costume in Lake Charles, Louisiana
Photos Courtesy of the Lake Charles - Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau

Mardi Gras in Lake Charles, LA, or Southwest Louisiana (SWLA) is shot through with what Cajuns refer to as “joie de vivre”, or the joy of living.  With over 50 krewes participating, Mardi Gras in Lake Charles is said to be the second largest in Louisiana in terms of number of parading organizations participating (second only to the Big Easy).

Lake Charles is also the only place in Louisiana where the public is invited to view the ornate royal costumes from each krewe in one place.  Viewings are open to the public on Twelfth Night eve, and at the Royal Gala, held the night before Mardi Gras day (Fat Tuesday).  In most other Louisiana Mardi Gras locations, non-krewe members would need an invitation to each krewe’s ball in order to view the royal regalia.

Roughly 200 miles southwest of New Orleans, Lake Charles is the beating heart of Southwest Louisiana’s bayou country and culture.  With over 75 festivals a year, from Mardi Gras to the Contraband Days Pirate Festival, the friendly, good-natured folks of Lake Charles find some reason to celebrate nearly every weekend of the year.

Dining | Daytime Activities |Parades Krewes, Events & Calendar

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